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Thursday, July 23, 2015

St. Lawrence Die Hards love their Laurentians

T.J. Slaney 

T. J. lives and dies for soccer. He  only see's blue and that's all he cares about. He was there in the 60's , managed the Laurentians during periods of the 70's, 80's and 90's. He works from the inside, always wanting to know from all the coaches, players and teams what is going on behind the scenes.


Harold Haskell & Clum Roul

Both of these guys are true blue. Harold loved watched his brother Frank playing in his glory days and was a very good minor player. Clum Roul doesn't miss a game but he sure misses his good old soccer yarns with his late Brother -In - Law, Mr. Don Turpin. 


Kevin Slaney

I met Kevin for the first time at the St. Lawrence vs Corner Brook game on Sunday, July 19. Although, I have conversed with Kevin on Facebook several times while he was on fb following the St. Lawrence Laurentian.  This fine gentleman left St. Lawrence some fifty years ago after just finishing college at what was then the Vocational School and now is the College of the North Atlantic in Burin. At the college Kevin completed a two year machinists course. After Kevin completed college,  he moved to Toronto and on from there it was to Tumbler Ridge in Northern British Columbia where Kevin resides today and is presently retired.  He was amazed at how the Laurentians could still compete after all those years despite the community population going from 3,000 down to approximately 1200 residents. 


Wils Lambert

I always loved this guy.When I was growing up this man was the best fighter in town. He was big, strong and a genuinely a cool character. He loved the women too -  LOL !. Now Wils Lambert, despite after slowing down quite a bit, he is one of St. Lawrence's biggest fans. He finds his way to ever single home game and constantly sits in his familiar spot just outside the dressing rooms.
On Saturday, July 18 , I had a little chat with Wils. He told me the best games he ever enjoyed were the Laurentians vs Grand Bank in  the 60's and 70's. He told me specifically about one game in Grand Bank where the Grand Bank fans were going after the Laurentian's goalkeeper, Bob Slaney. Wils told me in a very proud voice that he himself took control of the incident and fought over a dozen fans and brought the matter under control. He then laughed at me saying the NLSA should do away with all those yellow cards and let the men play the game. He finished off by saying the cards are ruining the game of football.

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